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A Plea From the Dark Module PDF (5e, PF1, or PF2) Explorer's Guild (Suggested Level 1-2)

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"Fifty years ago, the wizard Zekash led away a small group of followers from
Stonereach, the mountain town. With promises and sweet words, he
separated them from their loved ones and took them to a commune in the far
distant peaks. There, with the help of a magic quill, he preyed on their fears
and desires.

Over five years, Zekash tightened his control on his followers with the
assistance of a magical quill. His tyrannical actions finally broke through
his propaganda and many of the people revolted, ending in a battle between the
defectors and Zekash, along with some of his more zealous followers. Before
he could be slain, Zekash used his magic and disappeared with many of
his supporters and some of the people fighting against him.

The survivors of the fight departed back for Stonereach. The commune is
considered cursed and no one goes there anymore. A few years ago, nightmares began to beset by town. Most of the nightmares seem tied to the still missing
townsfolk. Over time, the nightmares have been increasing in frequency and
happen almost every week now. Many are interested in both the quill
and getting to the bottom of the nightmares. Someone has to go
investigate the abandoned commune.

Those from the town cannot get too close to it. They start to hallucinate if
they get within a few miles of the place."


Can your party discover the source of the local's nightmares and end them for good?  This is a 19 page module pdf in whichever edition you choose from the drop down or all 3 if you want to bundle them in case you are not certain which edition you will play.  $4 per edition or $10 for all 3 versions.