Hawkwood Hideout PDF Module lv 1-early 2 5e, PF1, PF2 – The Arcanist's Armory

Hawkwood Hideout PDF Module lv 1-early 2 5e, PF1, PF2

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"Recent crimes have been escalating in the city as a band of thieves ransack the homes of rich and poor alike. The city guard, already strained beyond what they can handle, have
been forced to turn a blind eye to these crimes for the moment. Though most are unaware, a few freelancers have been hired to solve the issue.

The characters are one such group of freelancers and are tasked with both finding the criminals and bringing them to justice. It is preferred they are brought in alive and the
rewards for stopping them reflect this.

Many of paths can be taken to find the hideout and deal with its threats. The official story will be that the city guards ran a secret, daring raid on the building. Those involved will remember and respect the adventurers responsible."

This is a 13 page module for an intro campaign for levels 1 or 2.

Choose your edition for $3 or $6 for all 3 if you don't know which edition you will be playing.