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Magi Nation Constructed Intro Decks

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Steven and I met over Magi Nation.  This is a great old CCG.  It has spiked in price recently, and I have gotten together with a number of collectors to create decks out of common and uncommon cards that are themed and we playtested the first couple hundred against each other to be at least playable on their own.  We now playtest a few decks from each batch to maintain quality but we dont test every deck to allow decks to be uploaded quicker.  If you find a deck is unplayably weak compared to other store decks you can contact us and we are willing to trade them out.  

Most decks have 1-3 rares as well except for some of the much rarer regions like weave and kybars.  This is a labor of love, and we do not make much to any profit on these decks.  Therefore, I request that you keep your orders down to make sure that new players have this as a resource.  Orders for more than 4 decks at a time in a single month will be refunded and cancelled unless you have reached out to me ahead of time.  You may order again next month we just want to space out orders for people.  I will be adding decks as they are built and spot playtested over several months.  Keep checking or shoot us an email at if you are looking for specific regions and want us to set them aside for you.  Regions will be listed here with 0 as the quantity if none are currently built. I will remove regions as an option when we do not have enough cards to build a deck.

The decks are all $10 to make them accessible and will contain 3 or more magi and 40 or more cards.  I will draw a random deck from that region because all are different and I do not want to take the time to take orders especially since just the rare cards in the decks usually sell for more than $10.

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