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Fireball Themed Arcanist's Armory d6s

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These large rounded d6s were successfully Kickstarted by our company in the Spring of 2021.  We love the clatter as you can roll in style for one of the most iconic 5th edition spells.  

These function as standard d6s for whatever you need, but the twin tailed fireball etched into each face on these rounded dice along with the glittery yellow, orange, and red resin makes every die unique and special.  From playing a firebender in the new Avatar RPG to playing Yahtzee in style these are a must have item for your table!


You can buy these dice in the following quantities:

Collector:             1 die for $7 

Other RPG:          2 dice for $10

3rd level fireball: 8 dice for $20

4 pairs (one of each color) for $25

9th level upcast:  14 dice for $35

Meteor Swarm: 2 sets of 20 dice for $65

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