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Last sets of Steven's Original Healer's Dice

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Our Founder, Steven Adam Collins developed these dice and successfully kickstarted them.  Because of an IP problem we will not be making any in the future so these sets are the only ones ever made.  Income from this item specifically will be kept separate to help cover the shipping to backers of his campaign so every sale will allow us to ship 1-4 of his backers their dice as well.  This will continue until fulfillment of the project is complete.

This is a set of 10 custom healer's dice.  These dice are d4s for use with healing potions, but they have sides numbered 2-5 so no addition is needed for standard healing potions all the way until the strongest, when you only need to add 10.  They are beautiful and add fun to healing.  Feel free to add a bottle or dice bag in the drop down.