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Dragon Bridge Promo Croh Vosh only

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Dragon Bridge is a quick, competitive two-player card game. Players each control a wizard, moving up and down a narrow bridge, casting spells, gaining magic items and luring the dragon to one side or another. Players win either by knocking the other player into the Dragon, or by escaping.

We are now the exclusive Retailer and to celbrate the owner created the retailer exclusive Croh Vosh extra wizard card.  You can get one for $3 or it will now come free with any copies of Dragon Bridge purchased on the site.

It is the first game in Keith Burgun's "Gem Wizards" universe.

—description from the publisher


Sharik Peck, our owner, won a copy by placing second in the playtesting tournament.  I definitely recommend this the components are awesome and it is a wonderful deep but quick 2 player game!