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Gooey Cube: The Darkest Dream – Chapter One of the Red Star Rising Campaign

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We have just been approved as Gooey Cube's First PDF File retailer!  

These files are massive.  We got this bundle for my brother in law for his birthday and have been playing through the first chapter (This bundle) there are amazing maps, pictures of the npcs, detailed backstories, pregenerated characters, and attention grabbing plot hooks.  The DM, as a new DM, has loved it and how easy it has made it for her to jump right in to a fun and meaningful campaign.  We get a small percentage of each sale and the rest is sent on to Gooey Cube for their amazing assets.  They have let us know that if sales go well then they will add more files to our options.  

Over 150 Pages of Content

Over 120 Handouts and Portraits

The Darkest Dream begins the epic tale of a group of Hanataz youth who are charged with working security for the last Carnivalle of the season. The Hanataz are the Traveling Folk of the world of Zyathé and are an ostracized people due to the many Blood-Touched members of their troupes. But while the Traveling Folk are not welcome in most towns and villages, the shows they put on are enjoyed by many. However, this is no ordinary Carnivalle. Horrid and vile schemes are afoot. An ancient foe plots deadly revenge. A group of organized criminals looks to frame the Hanataz for murder. And, nearby, creatures from the Dark Below plan an attack on the camp. Beyond this, it is Darktide’s Eve, which is a time of fearful and evil portents. Can you and your friends overcome the many dangers set against you, protect the troupe, and solve the mystery of the Darkest Dream? If you don’t. Many will die. Including those you love.