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Limitless Heroics - Including Characters with Disabilities, Mental Illness, and Neurodivergence in Fifth Edition Wyrmworks Publishing

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When you play a tabletop role-playing game like 5e, you want to be the hero. The world is different for you having been there, better. What if you could make the real world better by playing an RPG?! That’s what Limitless Heroics is all about. Limitless Heroics is the most comprehensive disability compendium ever created for a Tabletop Role-Playing Game. For Fifth Edition, it provides:

450+ Traits: Game mechanics for nearly every condition or trait in existence (plus some fantasy traits, because that’s what you should expect in a world with magic) with 4 Impact Extents, and 6 Frequencies. With 1–6 traits per character (or more), that’s 64,800+ combinations with the option to add more.
78 Random tables to choose or generate the traits, their Impact Extent, and their frequency
200+ New Magic Items and an online random generator for thousands more! Nearly every trait includes mundane and magic assistive options.
4 New Monster Stat Blocks because sometimes, the disability or assistive device is a creature.
6 New Spells because sometimes, assistance comes from a spellbook
Service animals designed as classes (similar to sidekicks)
50 Example NPCs, fully illustrated, ready to use
A one-shot adventure
Thousands of real world examples so players can learn more and better represent the traits
Tutorials: Opening articles discuss how and why to implement these options, how to discuss it with your players, and common tropes to avoid. You have all the tools here to run an inclusive campaign.