Pair of Resin or Acrylic Dice Sets placeholder (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY AT T – The Arcanist's Armory

Pair of Resin or Acrylic Dice Sets placeholder (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY AT THIS TIME)

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Placeholder for Subscription service this will be a pair of resin sets that match the theme of the month.  We will try to rotate from year to year as well, though if you keep your subscription for more than a year we can no longer guarantee no repeat sets.


For $5/ month you may add an arcanist's armory exclusive item worth $5-20 (A pair of healer's dice, or fireball dice, or a decorative scroll case etc).  The item will change monthly and will also not repeat during a given year. (Though you might, for example, receive a pair of silver fireball dice one month and a few months later receive a pair of gold inked ones).  We will include a discount code valid for the following month in case you want more of the exclusive items once you see them in person.


All new subscribers automatically get 10% off their first of these boxes the prices will increase to $20 without the addon or $25 with it after the first month.