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Small Seasonal Box (ONE TIME OR SUBSCRIPTION) 4 boxes per year

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We are selling 4 seasonal boxes ((1) 12 day adventure calendar sent in November each year, (2) Alternating years we will have a smaller heart box full of dice or pot of gold sent February/March, (3) A summer/ smaller size treasure chest of dice sets and d2 coins sent in June, (4) A fall themed box (Halloween or Autumn etc) sent in September.  These boxes will contain about half of the contents of the large holiday boxes.

These boxes will be available for one time purchase for $40 each or $30 per quarter on the subscription or $10 per month if paying monthly is more convenient for you.  Because there is a 25% off discount for buying via subscription, you will be unable to cancel your subscription for a minimum of 2 quarterly box cycles.  (2 quarterly payment cycles or 6 monthly).  After you sign up you will be sent your box after we have collected a minimum of one box of pay, so if you sign up before the shipping date in November for a box to pay quarterly, unless you contact us you will receive the Adventure Calendar for December, but if you pay monthly, you will receive the spring box because that will be the first to ship after we receive the full quarter's payment stream. 


By subscribing, you agree not to dispute charges within the minimum subscription cycle and only thereafter if you have contacted us more than 1 week before the next payment would be deducted.