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Wizard Kittens

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The card game of kittens and spells!

These wizard kittens have accidentally unleashed the contents of a book of curses! You and your fluffy friends must collect the escaped curses and put them back before the librarian, Professor Whispurr catches you!

Perform the best magic while putting all the curses back in their tome and win! But if you don’t manage to put all the curses away before Professor Whispurr arrives, then the kitty with the cleanest paws will get away scot-free and win the game!

An adorably magical semi-cooperative set collecting card game by Magpie Games.


  • Wizard Kittens Base (With Glow in the dark box) (2-4 player)
  • Wizard Kittens Magical Monsters Expansion (5 player expansion)
  • Card Sleeves to sleeve both the Base and the expansion regular size cards
  • Retailer Exclusive Promo Cat Henrietta
  • Kickstarter Extras Set